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Osteopathy – is a healing art which places emphasis on correcting the structure of the body in order that it will function better.  Treatment consists of massage, gentle movements, and sometimes manipulation of joints when this is advisable.

Cranial Osteopathy – is a very gentle treatment that involves the osteopath in making very delicate gentle movements to the skull bones and is often suitable for babies and young children as well as adults.

Acupuncture – is an ancient Chinese treatment which involves the insertion of fine needles into special points in the body with the intention of encouraging free flow of life force (Chi), thus encouraging harmony and balance, and promoting good health.

Fees –

New Patients

Re-examinations (after 2 years)



Children under 5 years old 1st visit 

Children further visits

Home visits(when possible) From











Payment is accepted via cash, card or BACS
Cheques are no longer accepted.

A charge will be made for missed or late cancelled appointments (Less than 24 hours)

On your first visit we take a history and then examine you, and if it is advisable and there is sufficient time then normally a short initial treatment follows.  You should be aware that you may need to remove some items of clothing.   If you feel more comfortable bringing somebody along with you then that is perfectly ok.

Patients are always in charge of their treatments, and can always decline their consent if they are unhappy about any part of their therapy.

Many patients are able to claim all or part of their fees back through
their private medical company. Please ask for details.


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